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We will buy land and build new affordable homes and we will buy and rehabilitate existing homes for sale.


We will seek donated vacant lots and foreclosed homes for resale in order to address blight and build community assets.


The Huntington Community Land Trust will carry out its mission by:

  • Working in partnership with the local building industry to create affordable homeownership opportunity

  • Working  with local government and community development agencies to identify land development and rehabilitation opportunities

  • Building supporting economic and social relationships with family homeowners to help ensure their success.

The Plan

Providing permanent and affordable homeownership on the Peninsula.

The Community Land Trust buys or builds homes and sells them to families with low or moderate incomes.

For a family of four, the maximum income limit is currently $56,400 and is adjusted annually. The Trust retains ownership of the land and leases it to the homeowner for a small amount, thus reducing the homeowner’s cost.


Through ownership of the land and an “equity sharing” agreement with the owner, the Trust ensures home affordability for future years. Future homebuyers will have the chance to buy a CLT home at well below market
prices keeping homeownership opportunity alive for many families who would otherwise by shut out by rising home prices.

What is a Community Land Trust?
How does the CLT keep the home affordable?

In the example above, the homeowner purchases a home worth $180,000 for $155,000 (the difference is the $25,000 land cost). Nine years later, when they decide to sell, the CLT sales price to the next buyer is $198,000 while the market value of the home has climbed to $279,000. The CLT homeowner is able to benefit from $43,000 in increased value ($198,000 minus $155,000) plus the principal payments they made during the first nine years. In this way, the CLT homeowner builds wealth but the home stays affordable to the next buyer.

The chart shows how the CLT home becomes more and more affordable compared to market. It does this by restricting the future sales price to reflect only half of the increase in market value. In this way, the CLT homeowner is able to build some equity in the home thatthey can take with them while also keeping the home affordable for the next buyer.

Think this program can help you and your family?


If you make less than the amount listed for your household size then you may be qualified. Send us a message to learn more

*Numbers determined by 2016 HUD Area Median Income Limits  

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